August 2012 Meeting Notes

Our August meeting was well attended, and we were in for a treat. Riki Reichman took us birding (captured mostly in Florida). She started her presentation with a well-organized, candid discussion with Photographers East about her personal path as a bird photographer. She spoke about what led her to this niche in photography, how she developed her craft, what gear she uses, and how she thinks about photographing birds. There was considerable interaction with the group and Riki obviously loves her craft.

Following her remarks, she presented a slide show of her images.

For the third portion of her presentation, after her slide show Riki gave the group a live demonstration of her image workflow in Photoshop for several of the images we had seen in the slideshow. She demonstrated a technique, selectively separating her birds from complex or distracting backgrounds, which she feels enhances the experience of her images.

Riki demonstrated various different methods she uses to isolate birds and branches, several ways to make refinements to the edge of the selection to improve the appearance of the edge of the birds for a more natural impression, non-destructive editing techniques, and different methods to create background blur.

Thank you Riki !! You can see more photos here:  Riki Reichman Photography: Nature As Art

Upcoming August 2012 Meeting

At our last meeting, all those present voted to have members voluntarily make presentations at our monthly meetings. Our hope is that this ongoing exchange of information, inspiration and support will benefit us all.

Riki Reichman generously volunteered to be the first to share. Her primary photo interests are in nature and portrait photography. She will be presenting at our August 13, 2012 meeting, held at 7pm in the Community Room of the the Bridgehampton National Bank in Bridgehampton.

By way of introduction, Riki had provided a short biography:

A Clinical Psychologist and published author by profession, I have been sculpting and painting for many years. I have been interested in film photography for over three decades and began working in digital photography about twelve years ago.
For the past seven years, I have been showing my photographic work in the East End of LI and in Florida competitions, and have been the recipient of numerous awards in Florida. I have shown statewide in Florida in the Florida Camera Club Council, which is comprised of more than 50 clubs throughout Florida and in international competition in the Photographic Society of America (PSA). In the east end I have shown in various members shows over the years and in two East End Arts Council juried shows.

My interests are primarily in nature photography and portraits, in both color and black and white. You can view her website here: Riki Reichman Photography: Nature As Art

tri-colored heron by Riki Reichman